Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i'm going there someday...

i loved going through your comments responding to the last post about fonts!
although while doing this i realized i need to make the next one much harder... you all got almost every single one!!

lace got the first "kaitlyn" 100% correct. i owe you a prize :)

the only symbol noone knew was the i in the second name. it is part of the verizon symbol... the only one i could stump you on!! yes, i think i will do another one of these soon because i had a blast making it. and hearing from you wonderful people! thank you for boosting my self confident a bit :)

today i was hired for my very first job as a photographer! ... it counts even if it's your mom right??

for our stake conference - her and a few others are in charge of a little (and big) project. as part of that project, she is designing an entire packet... blah. blah. long story short, she needed a cool picture of the temple. i was excited to go up there and try my hand at a few creative shots of that magical building!

here is what i ended up with... enjoy!

and that is the end. have a wonderful night!


  1. I like the first and the second to last. one of my fav. temple pictures

  2. Wow...Kaitlyn...those are amazing!


These little notes sure brighten my day :)