Tuesday, February 8, 2011


for awhile now i've had this weird obsession with fonts. i doddle in all different fonts. i type in all different fonts. i notice all different fonts on billboards, in magazines, reading blogs. i just love how each font "expresses" something so unique.

today, while thinking about this, i noticed the big K on my cereal box. it got me wondering if we all can identify fonts and what they "represent."

so as an experiment, i took a whole crap load of pictures today to test your movie and everyday item fonts! please comment below to tell me what each letter of both "kaitlyn's" are made of!

if you want of course... actually, no. now that you're reading this you are obligated to comment :)

movie/television fonts (some obvious - some not so obvious) -

everyday labels (at least i see these basically everyday!) -

geez, that was fun :)


  1. Okay 1st Kaitlyn (I am not positive on some)
    K- Jurassic Park?
    A- Aladdin
    I- Indiana Jones
    T- The Office
    L- Elf
    Y- Toy Story
    N- Emperor's New Groove
    I will leave the second one for someone else :)
    Love it and miss ya!!

  2. I see T in Potter
    I see Y in Disney
    K belonging to Special K cereal
    N for Nebraska
    and i can't figure out the rest

    :) this was fun.

  3. 1st Kaitlyn
    K-Didn't know, but I think Lacey is right.
    I-Indiana Jones
    T-I'm going with Lacey again.
    L- Elf
    Y- Toy Story
    N- Emperor's New Groove

    2nd Kaitlyn
    K-Special K
    A&I- No se
    T-Harry Potter
    N-I think Arika is right.

    I remember doing something like this in my 7th grade TLC class. I liked it then too.

  4. so im going with lacey on the 1st ones.

    As for the 2nd:
    K-Special K
    I-no clue
    T-Harry Potter
    L-no clue...and its driving me crazy :)


These little notes sure brighten my day :)