Monday, September 27, 2010

walking... waste of time.

it takes me 12 minutes to climb the mountain to campus everyday.
12 vital minutes i could be spending doing something way more productive.
like eating.
especially when you think about it this way:

12 minutes everyday x's 5 days = 60 minutes of walking to class every week.
there are 12 more weeks left in the semester which adds up to 720 minutes of walking to class.
people - that's 12 hours of walking every semester.

12 freaking hours i could spend doing something else!
but on the positive side, i burn 60 calories a day walking that 12 minutes... and yet, i still wish utah state would get free parking.

i thought about this today while i should have been learning family finance. so now i don't know how to reconcile my money. awesome.


  1. I'm really having a hard time feeling sorry for you. You can't seriously be complaining about walking for 12 minutes can you? You know that you're sounding like a really huge sissy...right?

  2. When it got cold I quit walking and took the bus instead. You have to catch it a half hour before class starts, but you get to meet new friends on the bus, you can eat on the bus, and when you get there you have about ten mins to finish any last minute homework! It's perfect! :)


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