Thursday, September 30, 2010

is it thursday yet?

logan is growing on me. slowly but definitely surely.

and i think that banana pancake night is to blame. seriously - thursday's recently jumped to favorite day EVER.

don't those just look irresistible?
and we invite all sorts of people...

even this funny guy!

we had about 25 people show tonight and made just around 75 pancakes. basically we rocked it. our theme was experiment night and experiment we did. pancakes were made with cow tails, charleston chews and sour patch kids. a-ma-zing.

next months theme = scary pancakes... aka halloween theme. can't even wait!

p.s. thoughts on the new hair? i'm not posting a normal picture til i decide myself...

yes... we be spooning in this picture. the bowl chair brings it out in us :)

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