Wednesday, July 14, 2010

marathon vacation: well worth it.

side note: since i'm terrible at keeping a journal, i realized how vital it is to stay up to date on both the happenings in my exciting and sometimes uneventful life...
(just so those grandchildren i might have someday can experience what it was like to live in the 2010's :)

so as promised, here are the pictures from our adventures in moab, colorado, and new mexico.

the incredibly long car ride was surprisingly quite enjoyable! one minute we were slugging each other (while laughing mind you), the next we were doing this. geez, i love that kid.

first stop: moab, utah. we were playing the license plate game way too late in the trip... aaannddd this car reminds me of fred flinstone. just sayin.

monticello temple

next stop: durango and silverton, colorado. this is one of those artsy towns with some pretty crazy people... but well worth the six hour train ride

this was the train we spent all day on. and as if that doesn't sound thrilling enough, it is the one featured in the prestige. legit huh?

final destination: philmont, new mexico. this was the first thing i saw upon arriving in the land of scouting... it definitely made me grateful for my loving bed back home.

i joke around about our experience there, but we had quite the adventures.

western night. (and the worst dancer award goes to? me!!)

it was raining so i couldn't pass up the opportunity to get the umbrella out and take some pictures.

although i probably didn't have the greatest attitude about heading to the middle of nowhere, just to be with hundreds of people i don't know, and not being able to sleep in my bed for 10 long days... i really did have an amazing experience. i did end up meeting some incredible people who all share the same values that i do and are doing their best to stay close to our loving Heavenly Father.

as cheesy as it may sound - the sunday we were there i couldn't help but feel that i saw a glimpse of what Zion is going to be like. kids were running around as happy as can be, parents weren't stressed with the day to day "worldly endeavors," and i found myself feeling very at home.

marathon vacation: definitely worth it.

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  1. Very awesome. It sounds like EFY but for grown-ups yeah?


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