Sunday, May 23, 2010

I thought about blogging... but then I got an offer to go hot tubbing and that kind of absorbed all of my attention.

SOOOO here is the latest update from my brain to yours:


7 hours of running, 6 games, and lots of sore muscles later we had the championship shirts in hand... which in my book is better than any gold medal, but that's just me!

Here is a quick glimpse. Enjoy!

One of the cool background explanation of the last picture is the girl on the far right. Her name is Nicole (yet I found myself calling her Lisa all day... geez I hate when I get those two names mixed up.) We got the offer to have her play with us on Friday night and although we were hesitant at first I am so incredibly glad she did. Nicole, from Bear Lake, has been deaf from birth. She is one heck of a soccer player and even played on the USA girls soccer team for the Special Olympics. (An all deaf team) BUT the coolest part is, about five years ago she went to Australia to play with her team and they took home the gold!! How sweet is that? She was SO much fun to play with and although she couldn't hear us on the field, she always knew where we were and where she needed to be.

I wonder if she felt the shirt was better than her gold medal.... Probably :)

Thank you coach for putting this all together! It was such a blast and a good opportunity to teach this community how great soccer really is :)

Late for the hot tub night... Peace out!

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