Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You want to know the best part of school?

It's when I am not sitting at a desk.
It's when I'm not bored out of my mind listening to a lecture.
It's definitely not when I'm actually in school.

It's the breaks we get!!

And this is why...

A few pictures from Angel's Landing (In Zion's National Park)

To say the least this hike was not even ok maybe a little scary! But if the pictures don't make it look terrifying, this should do the trick.

Thanks to my best frousin Arika, we were able to have fabulous pictures of this incredible hike!
And thanks to Zach and Sarah (and Arika included) we were all able to laugh our way to the top.

Anybody else hiked it? If not, I highly suggest it.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. that hike is my worst nightmare! seriously. i couldn't do it, and i especially couldn't do it if there were other people with me! no way!

  2. glad you had fun though... :)

  3. Hold the phone. You went through Cedar and I didn't even get a shout out? Zion's is beautiful. I sure do love Southern Utah!

  4. Ya...I did that hike with my roommates during one of our breaks! If I remember right we did it on Martin Luther King day. It was freezing and there was about 3 or so inches of snow on the ground. Probably not one of my most intelligent moves!

  5. Aww I still cant believe we did that, I definitely had no idea what I was getting myself into.


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