Tuesday, January 26, 2010

As I sit here and watch The Bachelor with my favorite frousin Arika, I realize how psycho the dating world is. This weeks episode should have been titled Vendetta Vienna. (the main reason for our overuse of the word "psycho") I am already iffy about the dating showcase they put on every week, but this week proved to me that there are some pretty psycho women out there desperate to find Mr. Right.

Jake, our gorgeous Mr. Bachelor, spends time every day with now only 6 girls who are hopeful he will sweep them, and only them, off their feet and they will live the happily ever after their sweet little blonde heads have been dreaming about their whole lives. The best part of this show is a toss up for me. Either:

1. The personal attacks they have against each other or
2. How ditsy some of them prove to be.

Although it sounds like this show isn't worth your time, I find myself three inches from the screen every episode and think daily about who should be in and who should be kicked out!! Watch it. You will love it!

Anyone else obsessed with this insane and highly entertaining tv show?


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  2. I hate VIENNA! HATE HATE HATE! And I just learned to love this show! And I love Jake! I just love the Bachelor! Ali is my favorite!

  3. Oh our Bachelor Tuesdays! Highlight of my week. :)

  4. Ummm...when did you get TV at home?

  5. Since... never :) Arika and I watch it on the internet.

  6. ah ha - you've gotta love internet TV!


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