Monday, July 27, 2009

It is time to update on all the fun happening in the life of Kaitlyn! Life has been pretty out of control the past two weeks but I am prepared to make everything go back to normal... or at least try to!

Two weeks ago my family and I headed up to our condo up Powder Ridge Mountain (basically the top of the world!) We partied all week and I'm pretty sure I am still exhausted from this trip. While there we watched 3 Harry Potters, (in preparation for the 6th movie... which I basically LOVED!) went swimming, we did a puzzle, went swimming, played some games, went swimming, shot some hoops, I found a rope swing, made some fabulous treats such as caramel apples and chocolate pretzels, and went swimming at least 5 more times!

This is the view from our condo... so pretty!

The highlight of the week for me though was on Thursday. We got in the car and drove down the canyon to Ogden where we went ROCK CLIMBING! I have always wanted to go rock climbing and we finally did at a place called IRock. I suggest it to anyone! Such a fun experience!

After our fun trip up the mountain we headed home for a little break before I packed up my bags again and headed to the airport with my mom and sister. We got on a plane and flew to San Fransisco! These were the highlights of this 3 day trip:
  • Finding out that Cami is going to have a little baby BOY! It was fun to go to the ultra sound with her and while in the hospital I thought once again how fun it would be to work there... I don't get grossed out very easily so maybe one day I will work in Labor and Delivery :)
  • After that and a lot of driving around we headed down to the big city and went to WICKED! Seriously... one of the most magical moments of my life! This was such an amazing production and I wouldn't take back this happy moment in my life for anything! I got the chills so many times during the play and I suggest anyone and everyone should go! (Except for those boys that might ruin it for the girls they are going with! Haha)
Thursday we packed up our bags and headed home. It was a quick trip but well worth it and was fun to get away from the... slow little farm town and head to the big city! (A little backwards huh?)

This past weekend I went up north and spent the weekend with the Furr family. We went swimming for Katrina's birthday and had a bbq for their grandpa. The only bad news: I didn't get any pictures! But nonetheless.. it was still such a fun weekend and some much needed time spent with Corey! I'm not counting down the days... so don't ask :)

Have a great day!


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