Friday, May 8, 2009

Can you believe it's May?! I think May is my favorite month of the year, not only because my BIRTHDAY IS COMING but because May is "Mom's Month!" It is a month for us to thank our mother's for the amazing examples they are for us and thank them for always supporting and uplifting us in times of need. That is exactly what this post is and I hope I don't start to cry while writing it. (which trait I inherited from my mom!)

I know i am biased and my opinion only stands for about 5 others, but I really can say that I have the best mom in the world. Not a day goes by where I don't think about how much I want to be an exact replica of my mom. She is the most patient and understanding person in the world, two attributes that I envy more than anything in the world. I can always count on my mom to listen and to give advice, and I know I can tell her anything. She may be a little fed up with me at times because I sneak in a 1 in the morning, but even then I know I can squeeze her hand, say "good-night," and always get an "I love you" out of her tired voice.

My dilemma with Mother's Day is I never ever know what to get her to repay her for being so wonderful. Every year roles around and I think about getter her a Tabernacle Choir cd, but then I realize she has all of them! Then I think about getting her flowers, but that is what Dad gets her. A book crosses my mind, but then I can never find a good one that she would want to keep. And as lame as it sounds, my last option every year is socks. Nobody can go wrong with socks!

I then remember that I have not a whole lot of $ rollin in so I think, "Oh I know! I'll go back to my elementary years and make her a flower out of paper, with a note that says, 'I love you Mom!'" But then I realize how cheap that looks.

So guess what? This year I finally thought of the perfect gift! A couple weeks back my mom and I talked about how a calendar with pictures of the family would be fun... so du du du du! (Sing that part....) I made her one at! And needless to say I am pretty proud! Hopefully this will be a little bit better than socks :)

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend and don't forget to tell your mom how much you love her!


P.S. Guess what day it is? FRIDAY!!!

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  1. I happen to agree that you have the best mom in the whole world (not that I'm biased or anything!)


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