Friday, March 27, 2009

Since I don't have pictures from Spring Break ready yet, I decided to post something about me! Fun huh? That is what is the greatest about blogs is you can talk about yourself all you want and noone thinks your being too self absorbed ;)
Lately I am on this kick with listening to John Mayer!
I absolutely adore his music! And as I sit and think about why... My best response would have to be because his music puts a smile on my face! Anyone who hasn't listened to his music and is reading this blog, I recommend you do so! I can be having the hardest day and without fail, if I listen to one of his songs, I cheer right up! The best ones: Daughters, Clarity, and basically anything on his Continuum cd!
The next artist I wanted to discuss is James Morrison! Haven't heard of him? Then look him up!
His voice and his lyrics also have a way of just making my day. His song You Give Me and Better Man are my two favorite. So my question for you is: Are you having a rough day? Listen to James!

The last artist for the day I wanted to bring up is Taylor Swift! Boy oh boy does she know how to write music. I know there is people out there who hate her music but I have to strongly disagree. Along with John and James (yes, I am close enough to them that I am on a first name basis with them) she too knows how to write a dang good song!
My latest favorites of hers: Hey Stephen, You Belong With Me, and the long time favorite Stay Beautiful. (yes, probably only because the boys name is Corey!)
Well there you have it folks! My "Favorite artists of the month" article because yes, I will probably have some new favorites next month. If you want to sample the music listed above... all songs are on my blog. So while your here, click on a few and see if it makes you smile or not! If that doesn't work then... Chris Brown's song Kiss Kiss will do the trick :)
Have a magical day and don't forget to Live Your Life! (Details on new moto: Live Your Life coming shortly)

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