Thursday, February 5, 2009

So... by the looks of things, I am the worst blogger in the world! I really do get on almost everyday, I just get so rushed for time I don't put anything up! So if you want to see cute blogs... look at my sisters! Theirs are adorable! Ok, well to convince you to stay on mine and not go see all the others, I'll try to make this exciting! Since January 9th, I have started a new semester here at the best college ever. It is great here, besides the slushy snow that gets in my shoes, and never ending cold! I know that winter is good for us and I shouldn't wish for it to disappear but quite honestly.. I miss the sun!

So one of my new goals is to not complain and here I am complaining about something as boring as the weather. ANYWAY, Sarah and I went on a date up to Body Worlds and had such a fun time.

As you can probably tell... we didn't just go there, but decided to take a trip to the Gateway with our free time... I think we had a little bit too much fun with the escalators, pretending to be Will Ferrell! :)

I also helped Sarah paint her room which may sound like a bore to all you busy people but it was such a blast! Sarah... Kaitlyn... green paint... not a good combination! We may have had a little bit too much fun!
Um... probably the funnest part of this past month was going up to Salt Lake with Sarah and Arika for the weekend. Holy Cow! I don't think I could have asked for a better weekend with them. I went on Friday night with Sarah to the UTAH JAZZ with some of our new friends Peter Johnson and Adam Mason.

We had such a fun time!!

This is actually us bowling after... where I stunk and Adam wasted us!

After the Jazz won!

And that was just Friday of our amazingly fun weekend! On Saturday we got up and made a trip to Cold Stone! (Best ice cream ever!) Sarah and I got a quart, yes a quart of ice cream... just to ourselves! Arika was the smart one when she only got a pint! :) We got ready for the concert that night and headed over to Studio 600! This is an LDS club, but some of our good friends Corey and Devin were playing in a show there! They did such a good job! One day those two are going to be famous and the world will know that these girls are their best friends!

Here is Corey and Devin... doing their thing! :) they are pretty much amazing!

This is actually us in the middle of the show. We left for a minute to go get some food because we were starving! SO while waiting at Sonic for the food to come, we took some fun pictures! :) You have to admit... it looks like we're having alot of fun ya?

A cool part of the show was that Season's Extreme got to play with Allred! He is a pretty good band and all in all... the show was a big hit!

That was basically the gist of our weekend! Long talks, staying up late, lots of ice cream, and LOTS of fun with friends! Other than that I have made some very good new friends: Namely Princess Kiana! I don't think she knows this but she really does help me so much. She is probably one of the most selfless people I have ever met and she cheers me up just thinking about her! Even though she makes fun of me for not being grown up because I don't have a checking account, I still live at home, and I don't have sleepovers very often, I still have grown to love her oh so much! Well got to run! Hope that was a quick recap to my life! Remember to smile because life is so much better that way! Peace out!

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