Friday, February 27, 2009

So it may be February 27th, and I may or may not be posting my goals that I made all the way back in January! When the new year came and I was thinking about resolutions I wanted to make, I started to write down things I want to accomplish in my life. This turned into a fun thing for me, so I decided to write a list of 101 things I want to do in my life. I started looking at others lists (because I'm not creative enough to come up with them all by myself) and even though my list of 101 things to do is only at about 65... one day I'll get it up to the required number! :)

Let me know if you have any suggestions or just want to do something crazy fun, because I'm sure it could be added to my list!

1. Choose a career that will benefit my future family
2. Have a professional massage
3. Fly first class
4. Go on a carriage ride in Salt Lake to see the lights
5. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
6. Bear my testimony to a nonmember friend
7. Ride in a taxi (hopefully in a big city like New York)
8. Catch fireflies in a jar
9. See a meteor shower
10. Attend a Jazz Game (FIRST ONE ACCOMPLISHED: January 30th 2009!)
11. Be married in the Salt Lake Temple (SECOND ONE ACCOMPLISHED.. Haha Just kidding!)
12. Get my ears pierced (SECOND ONE DONE FOR REAL: February 26th 2009!)
13. Buy high heels
14. Cut my hair off... more than 4 or 5 inches
15. Serve a mission with my husband
16. Have kids: maintain a close relationship with my family all my life
17. Go to Hawaii
18. Get my masters degree (Any suggestions of what I should study?)
19. Read all 4 standard works
20. Get a manicure and pedicure
21. Change a flat tire
22. Hold a baby lamb
23. Sleep under the stars
24. Visit Paris
25. Build a snow fort with my kids
26. Go rock climbing (And no it doesn't count to go on the National Guard ones at the mall!)
27. Buy a stranger a meal
28. Walk on the beach by moonlight
29. Have a kiss in the pouring rain
30. Play in the mud
31. Decorate my own house
32. Go somewhere to get a passport
33. Go off candy for a year
34. Take vitamins for more than a couple weeks :)
35. Watch fireworks over the ocean
36. Make a Thanksgiving dinner
37. Be a scrapbooking mom
38. Attend the temple with every member of my family
39. Buy and train a puppy
40. Be given flowers... just because (Cute Corey gave me flowers on March 12th 2009! They were gorgeous!)
41. Build a tree house
42. Arrange a bouquet of flowers
43. Learn how to salsa dance
44. Win something (in a drawing)
45. Send a message in a bottle
46. Milk a cow
47. Learn how to accept a compliment
48. Learn to juggle (more than 2 balls!)
49. Donate $ to charity -- more than I'm comfortable with
50. Grow a garden (and preferably keep it alive!)
51. Spend 3 months getting my body into optimal shape
52. Throw a surprise party for someone
53. Have an accent for an entire day
54. Drive a convertible with the top down and the music blaring
55. Take a cruise
56. Dance and not care what anyone thinks
57. Send my parents flowers just to tell them, "I love you!"
58. Don't text for 1 day (Yes... this may be difficult for me!)
59. Be the Young Womens leader that I always loved while I was in YW
60. Have the guts to walk out of an inappropriate movie
61. Plan my wedding the way I want it
62. Learn to play the organ and play in Sacrament Meeting
63. Make someone smile while they are in the hospital
64. Develop the habit of studying my scriptures for 20 minutes everyday

Well maybe I can only think of 64 but hopefully with the help of you guys I can think of up to 101!! So give me your much needed ideas!


  1. oh Kait you are too cute. Go off candy for a whole year your my hero!!!

  2. Ha ha! You are so funny---my favorite line is may or may not! ha ha! You are turning into me!

  3. Ha ha! This is me from the PLT Blog! ha ha! Just thought I'd add another comment! I love you , Princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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