Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i'm a workin' fool.

i have the best job ever. i wake up excited to go in, and leave exhausted - but smiling. 

basically my day consists of:
* filing documents
* answering the phone 
* making cool decorations for the halls
* listening to teacher/parent complaints (and gossip)
* fixing skinned knees with band-aids
* smiling at the adorable first graders
* scolding the kind of cute sixth graders
and my favorite part...
*  laminating

seriously? could it get any better than that?
maybe i'm speaking too soon, but i think i've found my career.
 (just kidding. nobody could live off this income forever! if only schools got more funding...)

anyway, do you like free stuff? do you like pearls? if yes, go here!
aaanndddd if you like food plus free stuff, go here!

both blogs are written by my cute sarah. 
all i'm sayin' is, if you like my blog - you'll love hers :)

happy wednesday friends!

oh, and here's a cute picture of my dog. 
that face will make any wednesday better!


  1. Why would lamenting be your favorite part? You most definitely have me confused.

    1. I typed this post really fast and forgot the "a" ... it's supposed to say laminating :) it doesn't help that my computer has auto fix so it changes some of the words I type!

    2. Oh that make much more sense. I couldn't understand why anyones favorite thing they do each day would be being sad.


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