Friday, June 8, 2012

life lately according to nike (the nikon).



* i keep meaning to tell the world about our success at the soccer tournament last weekend! we dominated and even though playing for six hours totally killed my old-married-out-of-shape body, winning the t-shirt was totally worth it.

* for mr. blackham's birthday i gave him a birthday schedule but wrote the activities in code. it was fun to have him figure them out and get all excited about fishing, sparklers, and opening bags filled with his favorite treats. all in all - i think we started twenty-four right!

happy weekend friends! hope it's filled with sunshine :)


  1. Sounds fun! You should post an example of your coded birthday schedule, that's something worth pinning and I'd love to get some more ideas on how to make the hubby's bday more special :)

  2. Karissa - Maybe I will do that the first of next week?? Stay tuned!
    And thanks for stopping by :)


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