Thursday, April 12, 2012

tid + bits.

i'm doing my first ever link up with alycia from crowley party for the first tid + bits thursdays.

here are a few tid and bits from our small town life :)

* fun shots of our temple. i can never take enough pictures of that magical place. haven't been to the manti temple? you should! and we'll come with you :)

* mr. blackham's father bought a few pigs a couple weeks ago and i already love them. although, i can't think too much about the fate of wilber, babe, and porky... it makes me tear up.

* teaching my mom the cool things camera phones can do. we were laughing so hard and maybe look a little crazy but as you can see from the last frame - she loved it.

* does anyone else do this? i never want to make two trips to the car for the groceries so i pile them up to my elbows. wow, that didn't sound so lazy in my head...

* new fabric for the latest project. i'm hoping my spring wreath turns out half as cute as theirs!

* sleepover with the sister-in-law laurel. isn't she just cute? we love spending time with her and glad she keeps us young and up to date with all the latest gossip :)

wanna link up with me?



  1. hi! I'm Rach! Meeting you for the first time from Alycia's linkup. Yes, I totally do that with my groceries...hate the bruises it leaves on my arms afterward but SO worth not taking 2 trips to the car! Nice to meet you!

  2. Thank you!! It is so nice to meet you too and I'm excited to start reading your blog :)

  3. Love the pigs. They are my favorite animals :) haha no joke! Check my pinterest if you don't believe me. And I love the Manti temple, one of my favorites, looks like a true castle!

  4. Ha Ha Ha! Your mom did enjoy learning about the fun things your phone could do. . .it's just sad that she was so spastic at making 9 faces in 3 seconds!

  5. I do the exact same thing with my groceries too, we are in an apartment so going back to the car is even more annoying because of the 4 flights of stairs :P

    and your blog is so cute! I think i'll be living vicariously through yours as i'm dying to get out of the city!

  6. I love I'm not the only one struggling with the groceries :) Thank you for all the kind words!!

  7. I'm visiting from Tids + Bits. Yes...I definitely do that with my groceries, too! :)


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