Monday, April 23, 2012

over the weekend...

for sunday night games we played risk. i almost won my third straight.. but mr. blackham defeated me in south america. who knew this game could be so thrilling?


lately christian, my thirteen year old brother, loves to check himself out. he's constantly fixing his hair, putting on cologne, or smiling at any girl remotely around his age. so when i offered to take pictures of him on saturday, he jumped in the bathroom and starting putting in more gel! haha
he's a keeper. since we are the two youngest averett's - we tend to look out for each other. mostly me just making sure he's not kissing on any girls at school :) 

how was your weekend? i hope you had time to spend it out in the sun like we did!


  1. What a cutie little brother! I see my little sister (only by 3 years) this weekend, i'm so excited considering she's a 25 hour flight away!

  2. ok so how exactly does risk work? It looks fun!


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