Thursday, April 5, 2012

interesting facts.

* i can wiggle my nose like a mouse... but not like samantha from bewitched.

* i like the smell of gasoline.

* my first thought every morning is if i have time to take a nap. usually the answer is no.

* i always check behind the shower curtain before using the bathroom. just in case there is a creeper. better yet, i just leave it open so i don't get scared.

* i save my drink until the end of dinner. that way i have enough to wash it all down.

* before going to bed, i have to tuck my hair to the right side of my head so it doesn't get all kinked in the night. (kind of like sandra bullock on the proposal.)

* i think marrying mr. blackham was just about the best decision i've ever made.

* when i was younger, i used to make sure every door and window was locked before i could fall asleep. if i forgot to look, i just knew i was going to be kidnapped and would have to get out of bed to check again.

* when i lived with my parents, i would use all three bathrooms to get ready in the morning. the downstairs to shower. the upstairs to blow dry my hair. (because i hate how humid the bathroom is after showering!) and my parents to use my mom's hairspray.

* i had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for school lunch everyday in elementary. yet i still crave them.

* i once beat super mario brothers in eight hours. best saturday of my life.

* i love listening to middle school gossip. i pride myself in knowing who has a crush on who.

* when i text, i worry about how ornery i seem. so i make sure to put extra smiley faces and exclamation marks. sorry for those who think that's annoying.

* tanning scares me so i use tanning lotion.

* i'm not very good at putting tanning lotion on my arms. i end up having orange spots all over my elbows.

* i own nine cardigans and seem to be happier the days i choose to wear one.

* i'm lactose intolerant. which is actually alright because soy milk tastes awesome.

* i obsess over school supplies. when august rolls around - i can't help but buy a brand new pack of pencils and notebooks.

* i love special k berries and yogurt. it never gets old and i look forward to it every morning.

what's interesting about you?

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  1. Interesting fact: I lived with you and I can say that all of these are true and whenever I drink soy milk, play mario brothers or eat candy I always think of you. ;)


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