Monday, March 12, 2012

a pinterest weekend.

the past couples days i decided to put pinterest to the test.
trying some new recipes.
painting some more canvas.
doing new hair styles.

all in all - it turned out to be a pretty great weekend :)

creamy avocado pasta - taken from here.

8 x 10 canvas - picture from here.

the top bun. idea from this site.

what would our lives be like without the inspirations from pinterest??

p.s. i couldn't help enjoy a day in the sun on saturday.
yay for warm weather!


  1. WTH we tried that avocado pasta a couple months ago and is was DIS-gusting. Was it good for guys??

  2. Sarah - we actually made it and it was super gross! BUT I added some normal spaghetti sauce to it and it wasn't half bad... I meant to write that on the post but kind of forgot. Whoops!

  3. It tastes like straight olive oil huh? We couldn't even stand the smell, it was so bad. Glad we weren't the only ones! Haha


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