Monday, March 19, 2012

angels landing and the temple.

spring break came and went - much too fast.
but i couldn't be happier with the little getaway we had to st. george.

lots of good food.
sleeping in.
nelson's frozen custard.
and going to the temple.
so much fun that we didn't take as many pictures as i would have liked ... but here's what we did get.
happy monday!

view from the bottom.
view from the top!
i'm pretending... but i guess i'm good at it because it sure scared my mom!

there wasn't a sign... so we fed a little chipmunk friend.

  superman/planking from the top.

st. george temple.
*come back soon! bits and pieces is having it's first guest writer with loads of great words for us!*


These little notes sure brighten my day :)