Wednesday, February 15, 2012


so, i'm not going to lie and say how much i love valentines day.
it seems like it comes around every year and every year, without fail, i get all excited and expectations are super high and then... i end up spending it alone - watching a chick flick. (with tons of candy i bought myself.)

BUT i was determined this year to stop being selfish, think about those around me, and learn to like february 14th. 

and honestly, i'm glad i did because it turned out to be a lovely day.
started out with four hours at the middle school with the funny students.
 then, a wonderful surprise from my cute cute husband. 

a rose with my favorite candy...

and heart-shaped pancakes...which were awesome!

later, we attended our ward's valentines dinner 
where we were given this spectacular piece of cake.

every couple had one... pretty sweet huh?

and then to top it off, i sent mr. blackham on a little scavenger hunt - which i had a blast making!

first clue.

one of the last clues.
after gathering all the clues... this was the end result! all products found at wal-mart.

and this is what the back looked like... me at 3 :)

i'm so lucky to have a caring, loving husband who makes me feel like a million bucks. 

i've realized it's the small things that make life so amazing - because when you add a red rose, twizzlers, heart-shaped pancakes, a personalized piece of cake, cuddling up for a movie, and a little scavenger hunt - it turned out to be a pretty amazing day!

maybe i'll look forward to february 14th from now on :)
p.s. i also had fun making this project from pinterest.
although not quite as cute, it got the point across!



  1. Kaitlyn, I love this post! Because it is just how I feel!!! baha. I usually have hated it in the past too, set my hopes high, for nothing in particular, but to get swept off my feel or something? And usually spent it alone with lots of fatty foods. (: This year I decided to do something for my sweetie to keep my mind off, and it was all the more fun!!! (: Cute idea for the hunt, and the card notes.....LOVE IT! Love your blog by the way...(:

  2. Shanna - your note made my whole day! I'm glad I'm not the only "bitter" one out there :) and thanks for the kind words! I really enjoy reading yours as well!


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