Wednesday, September 7, 2011


after walking into the kitchen this morning and seeing our bowl of candy on the counter,
i made a goal to not eat any of it for the entire day.
i made it to four o clock.
when those reeses sitting next to me at work started screaming my name.
i couldn't resist.

i'm a pathetic cause when it comes to resisting the sweets, so how do you do it?
how do you make a goal and stick to it when it comes to eating healthy??

i want to be better.
really, truly, honestly i do.
please give me your advice.
share your wisdom of healthy snacks.
tell me your secrets.

yours truly,
the sweet tooth


  1. just don't buy any treats and then you wont have to worry about it :) I used to get the flavored gum and if i had a sweet tooth you can chew on one of those. Or get something sweet to suck on like life savers or something. It usually takes the edge off my cravings.

  2. I agree with Crystal. I like to get sugar free crystal light candies. They taste super good and are really low calories too :) I also like to keep grapes in the house at all times! They make me feel like I'm eating candy when I get a whole bowl of them.


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