Tuesday, August 23, 2011

christina perri - give me your hair.

i like to think that at times, i can come up with some really cool ideas.
like the time i came up with the idea to buy our dog rocky.
now he's the neighborhood favorite.
(and a vital part of our family.)

or the time i came up with the idea to not watch pg-13 movies for a year.
hard, but worth it.
(i still feel bad for forcing the bestie to tag along with me.)

but one thing i'm not good at, is coming up with original ideas for my hair.
weird that i'm dedicating a whole post to this, i know.
but it's been a day since i got the new hair and i'm loving it.

i copied one of my favorite artists christina perri.
you might know her from this song.
or her latest.

cool right?
i'm not quite as daring as her, (and knew the stake president would never approve.)

but this is what we came up with -

can't see the similarity??

basically, i'm ready to create the next big hit.
with my rockin' hair :)

(even if the stake president still isn't so sure...

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