Monday, June 20, 2011

the invites.

as i've been preparing for 'all things wedding,'
everyone i've chatted with was ever so kind to mention,
(almost word for word)
"oh just wait til you get to your invitations. that is such a headache!"

but we have over 900 invitations stuffed and i have yet to feel my head throbbing.
probably because my cute mother was kind enough to do most of the dirty work while i was out of the state. that's beside the point.

but seriously,
i love stuffing.

i think it's all those days of being a plt.
and i think wedding is no different because i am in love with these invitations.
deeply in love.

the paper.
the raised lettering.
the calligraphy.
ahhh... it's music to my ear.
and i really cannot wait for you to see them!!

but to keep it a little more exciting - i've decided to only show you a glimpse.
i know. the suspense :)

oh geez.
19 days could not go by fast enough.

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