Friday, June 3, 2011

add flair to your blog!

for those of you who have read this blog of mine from the beginning -
you know that I have changed my header multiple, multiple, multiple times.
probably over twenty in two years of blogging.
i love it.

they started out looking like this:

warping to this:

one of my favorites:

the latest:

many others that didn't quite turn out the way i wanted:

and now you have my newest creation above.

i think for me - creating headers is in the top 10 best things about blogging.
(next to reading about all of you!)
creating something that no one else has ever done.
it is a way for me to be creative and unique.
add some spunk.
add some flair!

while i was thinking about this - i got a brilliant beyond brilliant idea.
i could create headers for other bloggers out there!
how fun would that be??
new names.
new ideas.
new blogs!

sooo... this is me, asking anyone out there - if you want a cool/new/fresh header - put me to the test!

comment below/email/facebook me. anything works really.
seriously people - this will be fun!

thank you!!

p.s. email me at
p.p.s. it's free! i don't think i'm qualified to charge anyone... yet :)


  1. I would love if you did something really cute to my blog. Its super boring. I don't know how to do alot. So I've just left it as I have for the longest time. Would you do something cute to mine?

  2. You know I change mine all the time too! I love designing new ones. Question? How do you get those home/about me/i believe links? I want one of those, could you design one for me? Could I still keep the header I have now?

  3. Shay - I would love to do something cute to yours!! I can't see your blog though because of the privacy... can you give me an idea of what you want it to look like?? Modern? Cutsie? Professional?? Let me know!

  4. Arika -If you go to New Post and then look at the menu above it... it should say add pages or edit pages. Click on that and you can add whatever you want as another page! And yes, with that you can still keep your header :) (which is very cute by the way!)

  5. Congratulations! I just stumbled on your blog and found out you are engaged! I'm so happy for you. He looks like a very nice man. You two look like a very nice couple. I'm very happy for you. I hope you will let us know when the big day is. Does Emily know?

    ps I would love help on my blog too.

  6. Hmmmm I have no idea. Maybe you should be added to my blog so you can see what I got and go from there. What's your email?

  7. My email is

    Sister Olsen - I need to write Emily and let her know! I'm planning on sending the invites out this next week and hope to send her a little personal note as well :) Aaannnddd what do you think your blog needs help with?? I love doing just about anything so let me know :)


These little notes sure brighten my day :)