Monday, May 30, 2011

shout out!

have i ever mentioned i have a very talented family?
they all have such amazing skills to share with the world and they do it so well!

just now i was doing a little f.b. stalking of this cousin and seriously - i don't think she realizes the talent she has in that eye of hers.

a few years ago she took this picture of me.

i remember being shocked at how pretty it made me feel.
(which was fun for me because i'm way too picky when it comes to this girl printed on a 4 x 6.)

i've always been jealous of the skill she has and hopes she realizes how amazing it is.
that is all.

random i know. but count this as a little tribute to a girl i love love love :)
(and miss!)

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  1. Oh my goodness Kaitymay this made my week/month/year! I miss you like crazy. Just know that I think you're amazing and talented and I look up to you. Thanks for being my best friend!


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