Monday, April 25, 2011

love. love. love. love.

i've been waiting to blog about my weekend for hours... which has felt like weeks!
but i am here to tell you the story.
the story of our beginning.
mr. blackham and me.

sunday night mr. blackham asked me if i wanted my easter present.
of course i said "yes." (not expecting any sort of ring to be done for another two weeks.)
we started walking to his car but stopped at bob's hot red corvette.

smokin' right?

he then told me that bob and debbie (some of our favorite people in the world) were letting us, just us, go for a drive.
we started to head over to manti - all smiles.
ending up at the temple, we went for a walk and stopped at my favorite spot on the east side.
then mr. blackham started to tell me some pretty cute words.
(that i think i'm just going to keep to myself for now...)
this is when the butterflies filled my entire self with anticipation.
i thought i couldn't get more excited until he got down on one knee and asked,

"katymay, will you marry me?"

yes. yes. yes. a million times yes. (with a few tears in between)
it was simple - but so perfect.
everything about it was perfect.

we didn't get pictures up at the temple - so we reenacted it for you.
basically the same thing right?

(thank you bob and debbie!)

we are still finalizing the date... so stay posted!
i can't even tell you how excited i am... my cheeks are sore because i haven't been able to stop smiling since sunday!

thank you for your kind words of support... we are grateful to have all of you in our lives :)

stay posted for:

wedding thoughts and ideas
up close with the bling bling
and the finishing of my triathlon... because i know you've been dying to see those muscles ;)


  1. Kaitlyn! Congratulations! I am so happy and excited for you and Jordan! The story you have just shared with us is adorable and is practically perfect in every way! Good luck with wedding plans and tell your family hello from me!

  2. I wish Bob and Debbie could have been in on my engagement story :) LOVE them!! AND CONGRATS to you!!! I could not be happier for the 2 of you!! :) Happy day!


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