Monday, January 31, 2011


in an attempt to tone this very weak body of mine, i have been trying my best to exercise the last few weeks. (meaning once or twice... here and there.) although i'm not the most disciplined, i have tried to change my mindset on working out and i've tried to be more optimistic about it.

so to keep up with my motivation i decided one way to do this would be to spread the word about my workout...

this girl introduced it to me at apartment 38 and i liked it so much i bought it at the first of january. seriously - it's hard. no, merciless. strenuous.

jillian says things like, "i should hear you grunting and screaming."
although this makes me break out into laughter, i really do have to "grunt" at times to keep up with her.

try it. it's a good one.
(OH and just a side note, when i started doing this dvd i couldn't do a singe push up. no joke. but today. today i did two full push-ups. thank you jillian!)


  1. I am SO proud of you right now. I shared this news with Zachary, Alex, and Jodi last night because I was so proud. :) Keep it up buddy!

  2. Meeeee too...I am so proud of you. Two whole push-ups, why didn't you call me immediately afterward to tell me? :)


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