Thursday, December 30, 2010

the past week... a little picture overload.

i wanted to post a year in review but before i can even begin to start thinking about 2010 as a whole - i had to show you what the past week for me has looked like. people - be ready to be blown away!!

first: christmas - this year was particularly good because for once in a long time the ENTIRE family was in attendance. i tell you what - having three nephews to share christmas morning with makes opening presents about a hundred times more exciting.

caden and "chick" waiting for everyone to wake up... or maybe just aunt kaitlyn to wake up. i'll never know.
isn't he a doll? and cam is pretty cute as well!

no worries... i'll spare you having to see the whole face that early in the morning :)
oh and p.s. we got a wii!

had to include a couple of pictures i snapped of cute porter. he made christmas far more adorable :)

next: sarah and zachary's wedding - much anticipated and with many in attendance, i think december 28th was a success for both the scott and averett family. although it was a tad emotional... i thought the entire day was perfect.

up at 5 to do the hair... which was gorgeous.

sarah june valene scott averett :) woo! they are perfect.

i have such cute friends.
if i wasn't wearing four inch heels and my dress would let me raise my hands higher... i might have caught that bouquet.

it was a magical day. i am so excited for those two!!

third: snow - this week we have been hit pretty hard. snow snow snow is all we ever see these days. but since we have no where to go, a fireplace, and a wii to keep us entertained - i am just fine with the two feet of snow outside.

james wasn't quite sure about the weather...

but by far this picture takes the cake for best picture of december:

so there you have it. this past week has been good for me to reflect and realize how truly blessed i am to be surrounded by good friends and an amazing family. my life truly is so full of incredible examples. i just hope i can return the favor someday.

got to run - we're making fondue.
until next time!

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  1. Why are you having fun with out us? You and Jordan should come a litter early on saturday and we'll play before the game!


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