Tuesday, October 19, 2010

things as they really are.

in an attempt to pass the four very long hours at work today, i decided to listen to some talks. searching for one about life decisions and listening to the spirit, i came across elder bednar's talk things as they really are. really and truly - this talk was inspired. in it, he discusses today's world and the obsession it has with technology. the obsession it has with video games, internet, facebook, texting, and so many other ways our current world is become distracted from things as they really are. it talks about the importance of our bodies and ways we can treat it with respect. it talks about so many things that i know our crazy and sometimes scary world needs to hear.

this talk sparked something in me today. it motivated me to be better. to spend my time on things that really matter. things that will matter not only here on earth, but throughout all eternity. things that aren't really things ... but things that are people.

so i am here to tell you all (so i now have a witness) that i am going to be better. i am going to focus more on people and much less on computers, iPods, phones, movies. i am going to spend less time on facebook (the ultimate time-waster) and actually talk face to face with people more. i am going to take my ear phones out and become more aware of quieter, more important things to be listening for. i am going to take bob trythall's advise and i am going to make my life all people.

because honestly - i couldn't ask for anyone better than the people i have in my life right now!


little post thought for you - i got this picture the other day. isn't that just about the cutest thing you've ever seen? geez, i have a cute family :)

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  1. I LOVE that talk. I especially like how he describes fidelity. He says, "fidelity denotes the similarity between reality and a representation of reality." He tells us to beware of fidelity when the purposes are not good.

    It's crazy how much fidelity there is around us every day! When you watch a movie, you are watching a representation of reality - but it's still not real. Video games, television, books, magazines, internet, etc... they are all forms of fidelity - but it's NOT REAL.

    We need to stop living our lives through all things fake! Some of it is okay, and he even says so, but when it starts to take away from the good things we could be doing... we need to rethink our lives yeah?


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