Tuesday, November 2, 2010

no words to write. only pictures to post.

after taking these pictures i thought the inspiration to write about music would just flow.
i would have so many things to tell you about practicing and doing my best to master beethoven and mozart.
i could talk about the thousands of hours i have spent learning the art of the viola and pretending with christian that his cello was a guitar.
i could tell you about that time i carved my name into the piano just to make it more "mine!"
i thought i would have some funny story about singing christmas carols around the piano with my family laughing as we all hit the wrong note.
i figured i would sound pretty clever and would impress you all with my "musical way of writing," but i got a whole lot of nothin.
so... instead, i'm just going to post these pictures and hope they can speak for themselves :)
until next time... maybe then i'll have that spark i've been missing!

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