Thursday, October 14, 2010

i almost forgot!

a month later... and here is the update.

if you were to meet an apostle how would you dress? how would you act? what would you say to them? would you talk about sports or discuss the latest economical trends? would you talk about you or them? or ... would you even talk at all?

all these questions and many more were answered last month when elder hales visited ephraim for our stake conference. it was a lot of fun to meet him and talk about everything ranging from school majors to yes, even the latest updates on byu football.
(as you can probably image - we were on that topic for quite some time.)

he was very welcoming and even mentioned over breakfast that it is almost just like, "having grandpa over!"

(but seriously - who makes a breakfast like this for their grandpa? just sayin.)

all in all - the one thing i definitely learned was... next time an apostle sleeps at our house - i'm going to make sure and not be in my pajamas when he shows up!

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