Monday, June 14, 2010

rain gets you wet. umbrellas keep you safe.

i went for a sunday walk yesterday.

in the rain.
only, it wasn't raining.

we still took umbrellas and pretended to be in the broadway production of "singing in the rain."
my mom has some crazy dance skills and is champion at making me giggle.

all in all, i had an idea.

i want to collect umbrellas.
they make me smile.

i've even done some research and discovered that they bring out the best in people.
all throughout history they have 'showered' people with protection from the wetness.

(even the morton salt girl!)

really, i just want to take cool pictures with them. like these:

isn't that just the coolest idea you've ever heard?

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  1. ha wow i just found your cutest blog and a picture of my wedding on it :) ha you are darling and i hope you don't mind my exploring this every now and again!


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