Thursday, June 17, 2010

being a girl... what a rollercoaster.

sometimes, being a girl is quite frustrating. frustrating and just a little bit annoying.

annoying that it takes me an hour to get ready everyday despite how fast i run.

frustrating that no matter how good i am at something, it will never be as good as a boy because, well, i'm a girl.

annoying that i compare myself to every other girl, everyday, all the time, 24 7.

frustrating that i won't ever be able to run as fast as the opposite gender.

annoying that once a month i can't do anything about my orneriness... it just appears out of nowhere and doesn't leave for days.

yet despite all these annoying and frustrating things that come with being a girl - i can't complain. it's still way better than the alternative.

"for days like today a handful of m & m's, without fail, always make life better."
-inspirational quote from the desk of k.m.a.

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