Monday, May 10, 2010

This is the week. The week when I no longer have "teen" after my number like I have for six+ years. The week when I will finally be able to admit with confidence my age. I won't be ashamed to be a youngin' anymore. Granted, I know turning twenty isn't classified as being "old," but come on - twenty sounds so much older than nineteen.

Now that I am becoming more "adultish," I am going to admit a few things about myself that I don't tell very many people. Maybe because I am insecure about it... nah. Really because in the twenty years of being alive, I have noticed a few things about myself that make me a little bit of weird, and a little bit of awesome. Here are ten I am willing to share with you:

Number 1: I have to get ready in two bathrooms. One of my biggest pet peeves is getting ready in the same bathroom I showered in because I can not stand how hot it is. I am going to go a little crazy when I move into an apartment with only one option...

Number 2: I have never seen any of The Lord of the Rings. I don't really find watching a three hour movie filled with little people to be amusing. With that said, I have told myself that the only way I will watch any of these fantasy films is if I watch all three of them in one day... straight through. Just like pulling a band-aid = doesn't sting as much if you do it quick.

Number 3: I have to set my alarm and have the volume at a number with a 2 or a 7 in it. Kind of an OCD condition I have... can not stand when I meet someone who is a 5. Oh boy, we battle the volume and times on that one for sure!!

Number 4: Sometimes, when I am under a lot of stress or just plain want to get my way I change my voice to a high and whiny one. This girl made me realize it, and ever since then - I laugh when it happens. It's uncontrollable sometimes! I just have to use it... don't judge.

Number 5: When I hear a noise - whether it is a car door squeaking or a weird sound on the radio - I always try and make that sound myself. It drives Sarah crazy... which makes it even more fun to do!

Number 6: I am obsessed OBSESSED with wedding announcements. Ever since I was little, I have never gotten any exciting mail (well not til recently...) so I always thrive on the fact that we received wedding announcements almost weekly. It's always kind of been this thing of mine and I cannot even wait to design my very own. Go here to see some cute ones, or here, or here... I really love this kind of stuff!

Number 7: I go through these spurts when I am obsessed with just one kind of food. As previously mentioned - I am on a bagels kick right not. But alongside that I can't stop eating caramel popcorn. I also can't stop thinking about Star Crunches. Remember those things you used to get in home lunch? Yum!

Number 8: Most days I get on Facebook but go "offline" because I don't want people judging me for the amounts of time I spend on it. When all you have to do all day is sit behind a ginormous desk and answer the phone over and over again... Facebook is my only link to the outside world.

Number 9: I have the same birthday as Dennis Rodman (turning 48), the oh so NOT dreamy Robert Pattinson (turning 23), and Steven Colbert (turning 45). Personally I think Steven Colbert is the coolest one but that's just me. Too bad Robert Pattinson freaks me out...

And Number 10: Ever since I was 18, ok so for two years now I have wanted to hold a baby lamb so bad! People kind of get this weird look on their face when I tell them that but really... I think baby lambs are adorable. Too bad they are all teenagers by now... maybe next year?

Well there you go! Ten random facts about this truly random girl. Twenty is going to be a good year... it has to be: it has a 2 in it!



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  2. holy cow!!! we could have totally fulfilled the baby lamb wish! we have eight! the youngest ones are only a month old if that isn't too know where i live. it would make kyle's day to show them off to you. you should seriously come over.


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