Monday, May 3, 2010

As we go on,
we remember,
all the times we
had together...

Saturday was commencement at Snow College. As many of you know... it was a stressful day at Snow College, but will be one that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I was reminded of the amazing friends and family I have. Here is a glimpse:

The amazing PLT team. I sure do love these guys!

Friends since 7th grade. We are determined to say that for the rest of forever!

I have learned more from this women than almost anyone else. I always tell people, "she is going straight to heaven."

Vincent Bradley = guaranteed fun

This girl is my other half. Arika seriously has become a sister to me. I am so glad she decided to live with us this year and can't wait to be living together next year :)
Sarah Scott is the apple of my eyeness. (Don't worry about it.) My sister from another mister. Love her to death and always will. Forever and always ;)

Yes, I am even grateful for this guy. Really though, I love these two and am glad Crystal puts up with him :)

Really though, I realized on Saturday that I have had some great times here at Snow, met some amazing people and had some incredible memories. See for yourself:

We rock. Nothing more needs to be said about the four of us.

Bonfire with Whit. I seriously love this girl so much!

Meeting Corey and Devin (Season's Extreme) was an epic moment of my young life :)

Meagan Dyreng is one of my favorite people. I really am going to miss her this summer!

Sports with Adam are always the best way to watch them.

Late night with the girls always results to something like this. Haha

Kiana Livingston taught me the little unknown everythings about Snow College. We had some incredible times and am glad I can still consider her my best princess friend!

Time spent with these girls has always been my favorite times. They are the best of friends and I truly am blessed to know them!

So many more memories could be put up here but I think this is the longest post of my life so I will end with this...


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  1. LOVED this post! I love your blog! I love you too Kaitlyn:)


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