Sunday, May 16, 2010

As most of you know, this past week was my birthday and boy oh boy was it a good one. Thanks to this awesome girl: I was able to do most everything I wanted for the big 20.

The list consisted of sleeping in 'til 10 --> CHECK
Eating my favorite breakfast french toast and Special K --> CHECK
Playing tennis while rocking out to a mix of amazing songs --> CHECK
Making cake balls --> CHECK (don't know what these are? Go here for the awesome recipe.)
Having the most amazing British tea party of my life --> CHECK
And having a weenie roast with family and friends --> CHECK

Sarah, aka Shera, did a very good job of making my day full of happiness, laughter, and a little bit of joy. I can definitely say that she knows me well :) Here is a picture glimpse at this fabulous day.


Waking up to this cute face.

Tennis + Awesome music = best tennis match ever

The best tea party ever! No birthday is complete without a good British tea party.

And to finish it off - a weenie roast that made us all happy!

And there you have it. Have a fabulous week and remember... no birthday is complete without a tea party!

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