Thursday, November 12, 2009

Something scary happened to me yesterday...
It actually terrified me because I definitely wasn't expecting it...

Christian admitted to me that he held hand... With a girl! Biggest shock of my life!

Christian who used to think girls have cooties. (which I think is a lie but now I want to reinforce this brilliant idea!)

Christian: the one who cringes every time I make him give me a hug.

Christian: the one who used to take his toy gun everywhere with him and yell, "beer beer!" (Because that is the noise he thought it made.)

Christian: my baby brother!

When did he grow up?

How old were you when you held hands for the first time? Am I being over protective of my 11 year old brother? Can we scientifically prove that girls really do have cooties until they are 16?

Yours truly,

a paranoid older sister

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