Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ok so after much thought I have found the new look for my blog in training! What do you think?? I absolutely love designing the headings and maybe do it like everyday!! Photobucket is a genius idea.

Anyway updates on the life of Kaitlyn:

School is keeping me pretty busy. I try to study at least... once every so often in hopes to get those A's I so desperately need! I am taking alot of classes centered on my (hopeful) major of Elementary Education. It is so fun to go to the Elementary two days a week and work with my cute first grade class. Even though they are quite the handful, they keep me laughing!

But I have to admit my main focus isn't always on school... shocker I know! I have done so many fun things lately with cute friends and fun people :) lots of football games, and ice cream get aways! Below are a few of the fun pictures I have taken recently. Hope you enjoy!
Celebrating Feleicia's 20th birthday! We are all getting so stinking old!!

A bored day... at the beautiful temple :)

And the many adventures of Whit and I :) The last picture is us puddle jumping which was a BLAST!!

Since all those adventures are just so exciting.. I'll save some more for my next post!

Have a super day!


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  1. I have a comment: I like the new look, but I can't see the orange font on the blue!
    But I love you!!


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