Monday, May 4, 2009

As I promised here are the latest pictures of not only my haircut but also Corey's :) guess who cut it?!? Ya that's right! I did! It was fun and he is very patient with me when I accidentally cut his ear or mess up somehow!

Starting this week I will begin working 40 long hours a week. It may seem weird but I am actually kind of excited to do something different... besides school! There is definite pro's to the fact that it is now summer: More money will be flowing in, the sun will be out more (it better be or else...) and I won't have to worry about grades and school for 4 whole months!! But on the other side of the spectrum, the con's on it being summer: everyone is gone.... Corey left yesterday and I will admit there were many tears and a long sad goodbye but hopefully soon enough we will get used to only seeing eachother on the weekends. I am excited to hopefully be able to spend more time with Sarah and with the fam!
If ever you get bored, call us for a talk with Kaitlyn and Meagan, the fearless summer plt girls :)

have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile!



  1. Oh Princess. I already miss you! And you will love the Switchboard and Noyes Building! You're a local, you will make the most of Summer Time Ephraim! :)

  2. Did you cut your hair? It's still so long (well, my version of long!) It's a cute cut, though - did you go to our favorite Melissa?


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